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davison-machinery news: 3 easy steps will help anyone who wants to MIG weld be successful

Simply following these 3 easy steps will help anyone HF Plastic Welder who wants to MIG weld be successful.

1. Having a clean joint is an absolute must.

2. Setting up the welding machine is the most important part.

3. Use the right welding technique.

Joint Preparation

For MIG welding joint preparation it is a critical part of the welding process. MIG welding requires the joint to be free of oil, dirt, paint, mill scale, rust, or anything that should not be there. The best way to get a clean joint is to use either a wire brush or a grinder to get the weld area down to bare metal. Without a clean joint it is almost impossible to MIG weld!

Machine Set-Up

The big secret that nobody ever mentions about MIG welding is machine set-up. Since MIG welding is a semi-automatic process, much of the skill required is to know how to set up the welding machine correctly.

There are three settings used for MIG welding.

1. Voltage.

2. Wire feed speed.

3. Shielding gas flow rate.

All three of these settings change depending on the thickness of the metal to be welded. On some MIG welders there is a chart on the inside panel of the welder. This chart will give you the proper settings needed for each thickness of metal to be welded. For most welds you want the weld to have a fast crackling sound to it. The sound the welder makes should be like an egg hitting a hot frying pan. Finally, the shielding gas flow Memory Card Packing Machine rate should be enough that the weld is protected from any surrounding air.